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The automaker Ford has decided to invest heavily in the EV, or electrical vehicle industry. They are doing so in conjunction with their partner, a battery maker from South Korea. They will be investing 11,4 billion dollars into factories that will build zero-emission pickups and cars at a huge scale for customers in the United States. This investment will be the biggest ever for any automaker in the U.S.

The Emergence of EVs

This investment is slated to create 11,000 jobs. Ford has stated that it will try to make it so that half the vehicles they sell by 2030 are zero-emission. However, they have also said that government involvement will be needed to make this happen. One of Ford's factories plans to build will be called the Blue Oval City.

This factory will be in Tennessee. It will be 6 miles square, focusing on creating electric pickup trucks and next-generation batteries. The factory is due to open in 2025. In Kentucky, it will have battery parks to create batteries for new Ford and Lincoln electric vehicles.

It's also not just the future when these things will happen. Ford is already investing in EVs production at its plants in Michigan and Texas. The issue is that electric vehicles aren't too common yet, with The U.S. making up only 2 percent of EV sales on a global scale every year.

The U.S. Is hoping to change that through some government assistance, however. The current administration is adding stronger tailpipe emission rules starting in 2026 and will invest itself in EVs to the tune of billions to create customer incentives and add more charging stations. In order for this to happen, two bills will need to go through in the government, however.

Looking to the Future

All of this is to say that it's shaping up to be a good time to look into getting an EV from a place like Ford. It's likely we will see more electric connection points than ever before. More government funding is on its way, as well as the investment from Ford to make this true.

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