Ford Announces Plans to Return to Formula 1 in 2026  

One of the biggest automakers in the world, Ford Motor Company, recently declared its intention to rejoin Formula One in 2026. Fans and industry professionals have responded to the announcement excitedly and expectantly, sending waves through the racing community.

Ford's involvement in Formula One began in the 1960s when it provided engines to many teams. Ford departed the sport in 2004, despite its success, citing the expensive cost of entry and a shift in attention to other business-related sectors. Ford intends to rejoin the competition with new rules to foster innovation and sustainability. According to the company's announcement, it intends to concentrate on creating novel, environmentally friendly technology and expanding the usage of renewable energy in the sport.

Ford Partners With Oracle Redbull Racing

Ford will join Formula One as an engine supplier to the Oracle Redbull team. They will build an engine for the 2026 season in partnership with Bull Powertrains. In addition, Ford and Red Bull will focus on using renewable energy. In 2026 there will be changes in regulations that align with Ford's vision of sustainability.

It has already been confirmed that Formula One will transition to synthetic fuel that is 100 percent sustainable by 2026. Manufactured from either a carbon capture system, municipal waste, or non-food biomass, these drop-in fuels won't require teams to adjust their engines to utilize them and are predicted to cut at least 65 percent of greenhouse gas emissions compared to ordinary petrol.

Moving to active aerodynamics to reduce drag saves 20 to 25 percent of fuel. The size of the necessary fuel tanks can be decreased by making the vehicles more fuel-efficient and utilizing more electrical energy.

Ford's choice to rejoin Formula One is a component of a larger plan to diversify its line of electric vehicles and display its cutting-edge engineering prowess. The corporation can showcase its knowledge of electric car technology and advertise its dedication to sustainability and innovation by participating in the sport.

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